Research Areas Areas

    Aapis spectral and color analysis of objects

    Spectral analysis showed a broad class of tasks that require objective information about the properties of objects of different nature

    Analysis and processing of images

    The image represents information about the world in the most visual form

    Videoinformation measuring system

       Video information measuring systems solve the problem of measuring of geometrical sizes, angles, displacements, coordinates and other parameters of extended and small objects with a precision no less, and sometimes exceed the precision of traditional optical-electronic devices


      Last publications Publications

      2018 year
      • Plotnikova L.V., Поляничко А.М., Kobeleva M.O., Nikekhin A.A., Uspenskaya M.V., Kajava A.V., Гарифулин А.Д., Волошин С.В.

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      • Veiko V.P., Odintsova G.V., Vlasova E.A., Andreeva Y.M., Krivonosov A., Ageev E.I., Gorbunova E.V.

        Corrigendum to “Laser coloration of titanium films: New development for jewelry and decoration” [Opt. Laser Technol. 93 (2017) 9–13] // Optics and laser technology - 2018, Vol. 98, pp. 416

      2017 year
      • Alodjants A.P.

        Tuning the Characteristics of Surface Plasmon Polariton Nanolasers by Tailoring the Dispersion Relation // Proc. of SPIE - 2017, Vol. 10346, pp. 103460W-1 103460W-6

      • Alodjants A.P.

        Metal for Plasmonic Ultraviolet Laser: Al or Ag? // IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics - 2017, Vol. 23, No. 6, pp. 4601907

      • Парфенов П.С., Литвин А.П., Онищук Д.А.

        Приборы и методы экспериментальной физики - 2017

      • Орлова Т.С.

        Popov V.V., Orlova T.S., Gutierrez-Pardo A., Ramirez-Rico J. Peculiarities of Galvanomagnetic Behaviour of Partially Graphitized Biocarbons. Book of abstracts of 13th International Conference Advanced Carbon Nanostructures (ACNS' 2017), July 3-7, 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia. p. 153.//Book of Abstract, IET - 2017


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