Structure Faculty of Laser and Light Engineering

Faculty of Laser and Light Engineering

  1. Department of Optical-Electronic Devices and Systems

  2. Department of Optical and Digital Systems and Technologies

  3. Department of Modern Functional Materials

  4. Department of Light-Guided Photonics

  5. Department of Light Technologies and Optoelectronics

    • Research and Education Lab "LED's illuminating engineering"
  6. Department of Laser Systems and Technologies

  7. Department of Infocommunication Technologies in Astrophysics and Аstroinstrument Engineering

  8. Department of IT in the Fuel and Energy Industry

  9. Department of Creative Lighting Design

  10. Department of Computational Photonics and Videomatics

  11. Department of Applied and Computer Optics

    • Laboratory of Computer Optics
  12. Dean's Office of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering

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